Title of work

Demolition of a transformer station in Almond Vallèscamara2
Demolition of the building c. Turo, 1, i c. Vine King, 23, d'Alella

Enderroc housing situ al c / Bisve Grivas, corner c. Palaudàries, Granollers

Demolition of houses located av. Prat de la Riba, 13-15, Granollers

Renovation of sidewalks in C. Antoni Gaudí, Granollers

Improvements to the park Puig Forks, Granollers

Renewal side of the road Caldes, Granollers

Enderroc housing located al c. Murillo, Granollers

Implementing network for pedestrians and bicycles divereses urban areas of the municipality of Santa Eulalia Ronçana

Shoring a building, Bishop Street Grive, corner c. Palaudàries, Granollers

Execution of sewerage connections in the town of Mogoda

Construction of the royal path to Palou, trams 7 i 8, Passeig Dr.. Fabrega-sud

Enderroc d'una housing al c. Vallès, 36, Granollers

Construction of a warehouse located in C. Austria, Las Valles Franqueses

Rearrangement of Liberty Square, phase 3, Granollers

Replacement of street paving St. Elizabeth, Granollers

Sewer, 3Phase, the c. Francesc Macia, the Almond Vallès

Repair cooperation·Caldes cami reader, Santa Eulalia Ronçana

Enderroc housing located al c. Princep de Viana, corner c. Barcelona, Granollers

Improvement of urban drainage. Pinar the Portus, the Almond Vallès

Network pneumatic, Street and Peru Street Marian Eaglet, Barcelona


Widen sidewalks around the sports court Gorge, Granollers


Demolition of dwelling located at c / Tagamament Les Franqueses Valles